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in recent years I have co-authored a number of chef’s cookbooks. My clients include Wolfgang Puck (Wolfgang Puck Makes It Easy), pastry chef Sherry Yard (The Secrets of Baking and Desserts by the Yard), Mark Peel (New Classic Family Dinners), and pastry chef Jacquy Pfeiffer (The Art of French Pastry)

I work with my clients from the proposal stage through the final proof reading phase of the manuscript, and if the book includes recipes, keeping them on schedule and testing every recipe in my home kitchen. I work closely with my clients so that I get to know them, allowing me to assume their voice when I write. Home kitchens are very different from professional kitchens: the stove burners put out lower heat, the pace is different (slower), the available labor is usually limited to one or two pairs of hands. As an experienced writer of cookbooks for the home cook, I know how to transcribe chefs’ recipes (if they are written down at all), to develop them from scratch by working alongside the chef, and to test them for the home kitchen. Finally, once a manuscript is completed, I am available for the editing, copy editing and proof reading phases of the publishing process, a process I have been through with each of my own books.

books Wolfgang Puck Desserts by the Yard Secrets of Baking Calorie Countdown Cookbook Spain and the World Table
new classic family dinners


“I want to thank Martha Rose Shulman for her dedication. I don’t know if this book would have come to fruition without the passionate work by Martha. She really deserves the credit for this wonderful book.”
Wolfgang Puck, Wolfgang Puck Makes It Easy
“My gratitude to the brilliant writer Martha Rose Shulman cannot be measured. Her integrity and unassuming approach are unmatched. Without her this book would not have come to fruition.”
Sherry Yard, Desserts by the Yard
“To my writer Martha Rose Shulman. I'm amazed at how you can take my often disjointed manner of writing and rewrite it so that it still sounds like me.”
Juan-Carlos Cruz, The Juan-Carlos Cruz Calorie Countdown Cookbook



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