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simple art of vegetarian cooking

A gem of a new cookbook presenting a language for the vegetarian main dish

The Simple Art of Vegetarian Cooking accomplishes what no other vegetarian cookbook does:
It teaches the reader how to cook basic dishes via templates – master recipes with simple guidelines for creating an essential dish. Whether you are new to vegetarian cooking or a working parent trying to decipher farmers’ market offerings or an overflowing CSA box, this is the ideal book for your kitchen bookshelf.


recipes for health


These are some of my favorite recipes from my popular New York Times column, Recipes for Health. The recipes are coded so you’ll know which are vegetarian, vegan, low-calorie, low-fat, high-protein, gluten free and high in Omega 3’s. They are simple, delicious recipes that you can make in your home kitchen every day.

Vegetarian Recipes from the World’s Healthiest Cuisine

The last paragraph of my introduction to Mediterranean Light begins: “I had only one problem in writing this book, and that was knowing when to stop. There are so many countries and culinary traditions to explore, I could have written volumes of recipes…” Now I am offering you those volumes of recipes – over 400 of them – between two covers in a new, comprehensive book of vegetarian food from the Mediterranean. The book draws upon the cuisines of all of the countries (14 or 15 at last count) that border the Mediterranean. Along with familiar recipes (pastas, pizzas, Middle Eastern meze), you’ll find well-known dishes, from the Balkans and Greece, North Africa, Provence, Spain, and Turkey. Nothing is made up – nothing called a “tapenade” that isn’t a tapenade you would find in Provence, no fusion hummus... more>>

Delicious Recipes from the World’s Healthiest Cuisine

“Martha Rose Shulman’s newly assembled Mediterranean recipes are “light” in more ways than one–not just low in fat and calories, but positively illuminating as well. To begin with, she has the good sense to realize that the Mediterranean includes Turkey, Greece, Tunisia, and even Egypt, not just Italy and Provence. Beyond that, though, she thinks her dishes through, tells charming stories about their provenance, and offers a wealth of practical advice – the kind of stuff cooks usually think to mention only when you’re actually in the kitchen with them.” Colman Andrews, former editor of Saveur magazine A ground-breaking book that paved the way for our interest both in light cooking and in the Mediterranean Diet, Mediterranean Light includes recipes from all around the Mediterranean Basin. With over 130,000 copies in print, the recipes in Mediterranean Light have helped countless people make an effortless switch to a healthier lifestyle.

These dishes -- pasta and pizzas, salads, soups and vegetable stews, couscous and grilled fish dishes -- prove that low-fat eating can still have high flavor. This is sensuous, soul-satisfying food.


Traditional Recipes from Provence for Today’s Healthy Lifestyles
Winner of the 1994 Julia child Award, Best Book, Healthy Diets category

“Martha Rose Shulman has spent some exuberant time cooking and eating in Provence. Here she
passes on her enjoyment and familiarity with this sunniest of subjects to her readers…”
Deborah Madison, author
Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
“Martha Rose Shulman proves beyond doubt that the best food for us is the best food on earth.”
Marion Nestle,
Department of Nutrition and Food Studies
New York University
“This is her finest cookbook to date: The light, fragrance, and zest of Provence shine through on every page. The spirit of Provence has touched her soul, and she truly is a daughter of that blessed land.”
Patricia Wells, author
Vegetable Harvest and The Paris Cookbook

Martha Rose Shulman spent much of her time during the twelve years she lived in France in Provence, and she is passionate about the region and its food. Provence is the Mediterranean region of France, and like the place itself its food is drenched in sunlight, vibrant with flavor and color, and easily adapted to a lower-fat diet. Provençal Light, which won the 1994 Julia Child Award for the best cookbook in the Healthy Diets category, is not only a delicious, personal compendium of exuberant recipes, but also a passionate cook's tour of Provence.

Exciting, Healthy Dishes from the Border and Beyond
“Every recipe is good and her way of talking about them is even better….I’m a fan of hers and I always
have been.”

M.F.K. Fisher

When Martha Rose Shulman moved to California after living in France for 12 years, she returned to one of her great passions: Mexican food. Before going to Paris she had lived in Texas for 12 years and traveled extensively in Mexico. Mexican food was her first love; black bean enchiladas and black bean nachos her signature dishes, and she served them up in Paris with great success. Returning to the cuisines of Mexico after writing her acclaimed books Mediterranean Light, Entertaining Light and Provençal Light, Martha Rose Shulman creates healthful low-fat adaptations of favorite Mexican dishes. The cuisine, already high-flavor to begin with, is perfect for her approach, and Mexican Light is full of fantastic recipes for salsas and moles, zesty fish, chicken, and vegetarian tacos, quesadillas and enchiladas, fish stews and soups, and more.

Winner of the 1991 AICP Award, Health and Diet category

Along with cooking and writing, Martha Rose Shulman has a passion for entertaining. She does it generously, with ease and pleasure. And she does it in the style in which she cooks: the food is light yet vibrant and deeply satisfying. There are menus in Entertaining Light for formal sit-down dinners and buffets, informal gatherings and cocktail parties, an entire chapter on impromptu meals based on dishes from the pantry, and one on salad-based lunches, all of them healthy and sumptuous. The winner of the 1991 IACP Award in the Health and Diet category, this book gives both the seasoned cook and the novice not only delicious recipes, but advice on organization and advance preparation, and a chapter on wines to serve with the meals.



“Martha Rose Shulman’s latest work is not only abut food that entices and comforts, but about enjoying
slower, more comfortable times in our kitchens. It takes us away from the twenty-minute scramble at
the end of the day, to a more realistic, spacious way of cooking – a way, as it happens, that also delivers
goodness without stress. Good going, Martha Rose!”

Deborah Madison, author
Vegetarian Cooking for Everybody
“This must be the most appropriately named book of the year. Not only is it convenient for the harried
cook, but it also delivers the soul-satisfying food that we’ve come to expect from Martha Rose Shulman,
who not only is the queen of light cooking but now can claim to be the queen of comfort cooking.”
- Clifford Wright, author
A Mediterranean Feast

This is a book of one-dish meals, a new, multi-ethnic spin on comfort food that will delight families who are trying
to eat well but might not have time to cook every night. The title refers to the fact that you can make all of these meals, or just do some of the steps, ahead, and finish them or reheat whenever you’re ready to eat. Hearty soups,
stews, gratins, casseroles, all of these get better overnight, and with these dishes you’ll be eating marvelously through the week. They are elegant, too; this is the kind of dish I always make when I’m entertaining, so that I can
get much of the work done ahead of time. It’s a very liberating, and extremely satisfying way to cook.


"Martha Rose Shulman is one of the most gifted chefs in the world — not just vegetarian chefs but any
chefs. At a time when there is more scientific evidence than ever that a whole foods vegetarian diet is
the most healthful way to eat, Martha shows that it can also be one of the most flavorful as well."

- Dean Ornish, M.D., founder and president,
Preventative Medicine Research Institute
author of Dr. Dean Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease and

This is a book for occasional and full-time vegetarians who are looking for the best vegetarian recipes -- vivid tasting dishes that require little fuss, that you can rely on both for everyday dining and for entertaining. Many of
them can be thrown together using nothing more than the ingredients in a well-stocked pantry, such as pasta, rice, or chick peas; canned tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, and herbs.



"Light Basics Cookbook will enlighten, inspire, and inform, pointing the way to a simple, sane, satisfying lifestyle."
- Patricia Wells, author
Vegetable Harvest and
The Paris Cookbook
“Martha Rose Shulman cares deeply about how to taste, feel, and think about food, how to make cooking a pleasure, and how to produce clean, fresh, vibrant – and of course, nutritious – meals with ease and confidence.”
Marion Nestle
Department of Nutrition and Food Studies
New York University

Light Basics Cookbook is a book for people who want to learn to cook and eat well. Some of you may already know something about cooking; you will use this book to retool your kitchen, refocus your menus, or simply add to your collection of recipes. But many of you know nothing or very little about preparing food; now it’s time for you to learn. You will learn the basics here, and develop a repertoire that will give you the confidence you need to feed yourself, your friends and your family every day.


Winner of the 1979 Tastemaker Award, Health and Special Diets category

This classic, originally published in 1979, won a Tastemaker Award for best book in the Health and Special Diets category. Martha Rose Shulman revised the book in 1995, after she had lived in France for 12 years and had become one of America's leading authorities on low-fat and Mediterranean cooking. The book was written for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, anyone interested in enjoyable, healthy, meatless eating. Between the first and revised editions of The Vegetarian Feast, Martha Rose Shulman's cooking evolved and simplified. The new edition cuts down on much of the fat but none of the flavors in the first edition, and includes a new pasta chapter. Recipes are more in tune with today’s eclectic tastes.



Whether she’s twenty-seven or forty-seven, almost every pregnant woman obsesses about food. If she experiences morning sickness, fatigue, or cravings and aversions, good nutrition can be a challenge. And for older mothers in the high-risk category, whose numbers have increased 80 percent in the past decade, food choices can be even more important. Written by an ideal team—Martha Rose Shulman, an award-winning cookbook author who had her first baby when she was in her forties, and Dr. Jane Davis, an ob/gyn at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center—this sensible guide provides all the information that expectant mothers need to keep themselves and their babies healthy. It includes practical, authoritative advice on the best food sources for essential vitamins and minerals; two weeks’ worth of flexible meal programs of every sort: for each trimester, for weight control, for vegetarians and vegans, for nursing mothers, for noncooks; and more than 100 easy, nourishing recipes.

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